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Graphic design has become an essential part of showcasing a company's style and image. However, many people have the misconception that graphic design has to be expensive to be effective. Odd Bird Art & Design offers advertising agency quality at realistic prices. We can help you make that vital first impression! Please browse our gallery and feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss a project.  Odd Bird can do as little or as much as you need.

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Monday through Friday:

OPEN around 9AM but occasionally as early as 7AM or as late as 10AM.

CLOSED about 5PM, occasionally as early as 3PM and sometimes as late as midnight.

Also by appointment.

Logo Design • Screen Print & Embroidery Design

Business Cards • Letterhead • Envelopes

Note Pads • Brochures & Flyers • Label Design

Booklets • Invitations • Note Cards

Billboard Design • Banners

Newspaper Ads • Program Ads

Display Design • and more!

ODD BIRD ART & DESIGN began as...

Once upon a time (from September 1996 to early 2020), this graphic design business was called Britten Designs in honor of Grandpa Britten who had opened Britten Printing on Grand Rapids' South Division Avenue in 1947. That printing business then morphed into Raenell Press when Grandpa added Ray and Nellie's printing business to his portfolio. 

After 23+ years of running Britten Designs and creating TONS of graphic design for all kinds of clients, we are rebranded as Odd Bird Art & Design –– same owner –– still happily designing just about anything that needs to be printed. Never lose the passion for what you enjoy doing!

Thank you!

Serving West Michigan from Grand Rapids to the Kalamazoo River Valley and as far as the internet can reach!
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